About Refine Design


Melissa Gostick, Owner/ Designer

Melissa specializes in home design and space planning solutions. She prides herself on being a detailed planner with a creative and aesthetic sense that she shares with her clients in order for them to achieve their design dreams.

Melissa has always had a passion for design and construction. It continued to evolve and flourish over the years, and has become a skill she has dedicated her life to. Melissa has obtained a diploma in Architecture Technology and a Certificate in Kitchen and Bath Design. In addition to her education, Melissa has been working within the industry for several years.

At RD, we are able to generate floor plans and 3D imagery that appeals to our clients but also aligns with industry standards. By assessing our client’s needs, we are able to deliver a product that focuses on function based design solutions, accessibility, durability and aesthetics. We design spaces with current and future trends, client lifestyles, Building Code and industry practices top of mind. We are passionate about providing amazing design solutions, never compromising on the quality and details that makes every home unique and functional for you.

For RD, it is all about the excitement we get when we walk into a space and we are able to visualize the possibilities. The satisfaction when we are able to add details to add functionality. The joy we get when adding personality with colour and finish selections. And lastly, the pure happiness we get when we look at a job well done.

We manage all the puzzle pieces and ensure they are properly planned and coordinated.

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